Gas Soldering Irons

Gas Soldering Irons

Gas Soldering Irons..powered by Butane. They come empty though.

These can easily be filled in any cigarette shop that fills butane into cigarette lighters.

Total cost of refilling should be Rs 5 ($0.10 in India) or less.

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Gas Soldering Iron 70W
Multipurpose Pen Shaped Cordless Butane Gas Solder Iron Key Features Lightweight and ..
रo 750.00 रo 695.00
Professional Gas Soldering Tool Kit
Very high quality Professional gas soldering Iron from the house of Pro's Kits.. Add portabi..
रo 2,000.00
Dremel Versaflame
The Dremel VersaFlame is the only stationary burner that safely combines open flame use with a ca..
रo 3,900.00
Gas Soldering Iron - MT 100
Pen type Gas Soldering Tool Features: Corrosion of metal screws loose heat of the kit..
रo 830.00
Gas Soldering Iron - Weller ML500MP
Butane mini soldering iron from Weller ML500MP. Includes a piezo electronic ignition system for r..
रo 2,445.00
Butane Gas Blow torch attachment for Brazing or Welding
One Touch Auto Butane Gas Torch Blow for Brazing & Soldering ! Attaches on top of a Butan..
रo 845.00
Solder Wire (50 gms)
A high grade solder wire containing 60% tin and 40% lead. ..
रo 58.00
Desoldering Wick - Length 1M
Low Cost Desoldering Braid Wick with 2.5mm Wide Braid / Wick And 1 Meter In Length  ..
रo 16.00
Iron Cleaner
Iron Cleaner   Don’t want to water you solder and lose the temperature when cleaning..
Desoldering Wick - Length 1.5M
High Quality Desoldering wick for removing solder from printed circuit boards.   Fea..
रo 165.00
Solder Iron Cleaner
Solder Iron Cleaner   To replace the traditional water seepage sponge cleani..
रo 360.00
Butane Gas Jet Pencil for Welding, Cutting, Melting - Blow Torch - Portable
Jet Pencil Butane Gas Torch Camping ! Features: Refillable pencil jet torch. Id..
रo 385.00