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BeagleBone Black Rev C
BeagleBone Black - Rev C with 4GB Flash   BeagleBone Black Rev.C is a development ki..
रo 4,850.00
BeagleBone Green
  BeagleBone Green (BBG) is based on the open-source hardware design of BeagleBone Black..
रo 4,385.00
BeagleBone Green Wireless
SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green Wireless is a joint effort by and Seeed Studio...
रo 4,785.00
BeagleBone Green HDMI Cape
BeagleBone Green HDMI Cape is a general integrated HDMI connector for expanding your BeagleBone t..
CryptoCape for BeagleBone Black
The CryptoCape is the BeagleBone’s first dedicated security daughterboard and was made in collabo..
रo 7,485.00
EVB: Replace the brain of your LEGO® EV3 with BeagleBone
EVB: Replace the Brain and Sensors in your LEGO® MINDSTORMS EV3 with a BeagleBone Black. 100% LEG..
रo 6,850.00
WiFi USB Dongle 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz Single Chip - Ralink RT5370 - 150 Mbps, Long Range
Lowest Price in India! Highly integrated with PA, LNA, T/R switch, and diversity switch &..
रo 685.00 रo 385.00
WiFi USB Dongle 802.11b/g/n - RT8188 CF-WU810N - Broadcast or Receive Wi-Fi
Ralink RT8188 CF-WU810N  WiFi USB Dongle with hotspot capability ! Features: ..
रo 395.00
WiFi USB 150M Dongle Compliant With Raspbian Ubuntu Android
Micro 150M USB WiFi Adapter complaint with Raspbian, Ubuntu, Android etc This USB Dongle ..
रo 1,285.00
WiFi USB 150M Dongle Compliant With Raspbian - EDUP
WiFi USB 150M Dongle Compliant With Raspbian - EDUP Specifications:   ..
रo 1,150.00
USB Mini Bluetooth CSR 4.0 Wireless Dongle (20m Range)
Tiny USB Bluetooth dongle with V4.0 Compliant for data communication.   Specifi..
रo 365.00
GPS/Glonass USB G-Mouse   Features and Specifications: Supported operating s..
रo 1,285.00 रo 970.00
Hewlett Packard 5V 2000 mA USB-A mains power adapter (with free Indian type-C plug)
Another gift to mankind from Hewlett Packard. A high quality, high power, high drain, 5V 2000mA U..
LM2596S DC to DC Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Module
 This is a high performance DC to DC step-down adjustable power supply module, switching reg..
रo 120.00
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AC-DC Power Supply Buck Converter Step Down Module 5V 700mA
This power supply has the temperature protection, over current protection and short circuit prote..
रo 285.00 रo 185.00
DC-DC  Adjustable Step-up Power Converter Board 0.9V - 5V
DC-DC Adjustable Step-up Power Converter Board 0.9V - 5V   Features Inp..
रo 75.00
Getting Started with BeagleBone
Many people think of Linux as a computer operating system, running on users' desktops and powerin..
रo 300.00
Debian For BeagleBone Black pre-configured MicroSDHC Card
Debian pre-configured µSDHC Card For BeagleBone Black. The contents of this Card can be ..
रo 500.00