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Grove Kit
The Grove Shield Kit breaks out four of the six i/o connections on the Digispark development boar..
रo 330.00
Vegas Lounge Development Kit
It's a full featured development board for the LBM313 Bluetooth Low Energy Module. Our dev bo..
रo 24,785.00
Grove Starter Kit for LightBlue Bean Plus
Grove is an easy-to-use system of electronics components. They use standardized connectors to con..
रo 1,985.00
Grove Zero STEM Starter Kit
Grove Zero is a series of color-coded and magnetic electronic modules that teaches students about..
रo 9,985.00
Grove Maker Kit for Intel Joule
Grove Shield for Intel Joule  let’s introduce the incredible kit that can help you get start..
रo 4,950.00
Grove IoT Commercial Gateway Kit
Intel and Microsoft have partnered to create a kit for rapid prototyping commercial gateway scena..
रo 29,995.00
Grove Starter Kit for IoT based on Raspberry Pi
This kit DOES NOT include the Raspberry Pi board. Please visit Here to purchase separately.Buildi..
रo 15,450.00