Miscellaneous Sensors

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EV3 Touch Sensor
The analog EV3 Touch Sensor is a simple but exceptionally precise tool that detects when its fron..
रo 2,985.00
Grove IoT Commercial Gateway Kit
Intel and Microsoft have partnered to create a kit for rapid prototyping commercial gateway scena..
रo 29,995.00
Flex Sensor 4.5"
Flex sensor is a 4.5” bendable substrate that gives higher resistance readings as it flexes to a ..
रo 1,295.00
Airspeed Sensor Breakout MPXV7002DP for APM Flight Controller
Differential Pressure Sensor board.   The MPXV7002 series piezoresistive transducer ..
रo 2,180.00
Adafruit BME280 I2C or SPI Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor
Bosch has stepped up their game with their new BME280 sensor, an environmental sensor with temper..
रo 1,685.00
Grove - 6-Axis Accelerometer & Compass v2.0
The Grove 6 – Axis Accelerometer&..
रo 2,285.00
Rain Sensor for Arduino
Rain Sensor for Arduino   1.PCB Board Dimension:3.2cmX1.4cm 2.V..
रo 135.00
Dust Sensor PM2.5 PPD42NS with cable
Dust Sensor PM2.5 PPD42NS with cable.. Specifications   ..
रo 1,685.00 रo 1,320.00
Optical Dust Sensor GP2Y1010AU0F
Optical dust sensor.. Specifications Power supply voltage: DC5 ± 2V Operating C..
रo 525.00