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Printing in the 3rd dimension (or 3DPing as its commonly written or rather texted these days). A revolution in the making and is taking the world by Storm..or rather Spools of ABS and other materials being commonly used to 3DP.
Other streams of Science are already printing in 3D; with various materials from metals to living tissues and everything in between...! The day is not far when you could 3DP say your shirt, and even edibles like say a birthday Cake in your favourite disney character, or your own face in monochrome. wants to bring to the world the latest in 3DPing at, as always, the cheapest pricing possible. 

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Makeblock Constructor I 3D Printer Kit
Makeblock Constructor I 3D Printer DIY Kit is an open source, based on i3 aluminum frame 3D print..
mElephant 3D Printer
What is mElephant? Makeblock mElephant 3D Printer is ..
रo 87,985.00
mGiraffe 3D Printer Kit
What is mGiraffe? mGiraffe is a new type of delta 3D printer DIY kit based on Makeblock..
रo 94,500.00
Getting Started with 3D Printing
Make: Getting Started with 3D Printin..
रo 450.00
M3D - Mini 3D Printer
The Micro 3D Printer is the first true consumer 3D printer. It is incredibly intuitive, easy to o..
रo 48,850.00
Arduino Materia 101 - Kit
Arduino Materia 101 is the first official Arduino 3D printer. It uses an Arduino Mega2560 with a ..
OLO - The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer
With an iPhone 6 OLO can build 1 cm in approximately 46 minutes, or 1 inch in approximat..
3Doodler Create
  The ..
रo 12,800.00 रo 9,799.00
CreoPop 3D Pen
CreoPop is the world's first 3D pen with cool ink ! In contrast to other 3D pens, there are n..
रo 12,999.00
3Doodler Pro
3Doodler's new pro pen 3D prints in wood and metal   ..
3Doodler Start
    Manual ..
रo 6,885.00
BuildOne: 3D Printer w/ WiFi and Auto Bed Leveling! .. Coming Soon
BuildOne: 3D Printer w/ WiFi and Auto Bed Leveling! 3D printers are amazing devices, they mak..
In Stock   
Replicator Desktop 3D Printer (5th Generation) - Makerbot
The Easiest, Most Versatile Way to Go from 3D Model to 3D Print The MakerBot Replicator ..
रo 312,000.00
Replicator Z18 Large 3D Printer - Makerbot
The MakerBot Replicator Z18 combines an extra-large build volume with ease-of-use and c..
रo 682,759.00
Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer - Makerbot
The MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer is for 3D printing professionals who..
रo 269,000.00
Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer - Makerbot
The MakerBot Replicator Mini is an easy, accessible, affordable introduction to the pow..
रo 155,021.00
Replicator+ Desktop 3D Printer - Makerbot
MakerBot Replicator+ Faster, Easier, Quieter 3D Printing and a 22% Bigger Build Volume &n..
रo 236,967.00
Replicator Mini+ Compact 3D Printer - Makerbot
MakerBot Replicator Mini+ Faster, Easier, Quieter 3D Printing with a 28% Bigger Build Volume ..
रo 118,484.00
ABS Filament for 3Doodler
ABS Filament for 3Doodler !   25 Strands of ABS Filament for the 3Doodler  ..
रo 950.00
ABS Filament 1.75mm - 3D Printing in Variety of Colors! (50gms Sample)
50 gms of various combination of top quality 1.75mm ABS filament for desktop 3D Printers for Make..
रo 190.00 रo 172.00