Grove Sensors

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Grove IoT Commercial Gateway Kit
Intel and Microsoft have partnered to create a kit for rapid prototyping commercial gateway scena..
रo 29,995.00
Grove - Air quality sensor v1.3
The sensor is designed for indoor air quality testing. The main gas detected is carbon monoxide, ..
रo 1,150.00
Grove - Water Sensor
This water sensor module is part of the Twig system. This sensor works by having a series of ..
रo 350.00
Grove - Electricity Sensor
The Electricity sensor module is based on the TA12-200 current transformer which can change l..
रo 585.00
Grove - Piezo Vibration Sensor
Grove- Piezo Vibration Sensor is suitable for measurements of flexibility, vibration, impact ..
रo 685.00
Grove - Line Finder
Line finder is designed for line following robotic. It consists two parts - an IR emitting LE..
रo 455.00
Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro
This product is a high accuracy temperature and humidity sensor used in home conditions. It c..
रo 1,550.00
Grove - PIR Motion Sensor
This is a simple to use PIR motion sensor with Grove compatible interface. Simply connec..
रo 995.00
Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ2)
How to choose a gas sensor ?   The Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ2) module is useful ..
रo 785.00
Grove - Light Sensor
The Light sensor module uses the GL5528 photoresistor to detect the light intensity of the en..
रo 350.00
Grove - Magnetic Switch
This is a Grove interface compatible Magnetic switch module. It is based on encapsulated..
रo 350.00
Grove - Temperature Sensor
The temperature sensor uses a thermistor which returns the ambient temperature in the fo..
रo 350.00
Grove - Hall Sensor
The Hall Sensor measures the Hall Effect, which is a production of a voltage diffe..
रo 685.00
Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger
This Grove-ultrasonic sensor is a non-contact distance measurement module w..
रo 1,650.00
Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ5)
How to choose a gas sensor ?   The Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ5) module is us..
रo 785.00
Grove - UV Sensor
The Grove – UV Sensor is used for detecting the intensity of incident ultraviolet(UV) ra..
रo 1,185.00
Grove - Digital Light Sensor
This module is based on the I2C light-to-digital converter TSL2561 to transform li..
रo 1,150.00 रo 995.00
Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (HDC1000)
Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (HDC1000) utilizes a HDC1000 sensor, which was d..
रo 1,650.00
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g)
Based on the excellent ADXL-345, this digital 3-axis accelerometer has excellent E..
रo 1,150.00
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±1.5g)
This 3-axis Accelerometer module is based on MMA7660FC with Digital Output ..
रo 1,150.00