These are the various adapters we stock. Some are plain connectors while others have more circuitry to them.

Choose wisely or mail to techsupport (at) fabtolab dot com.

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Basic Stamp1 Serial Adapter
The BASIC Stamp 1 Serial Adapter provides serial port based programming capability from a PC runn..
रo 850.00
micro-SD Card Adapter
The micro-SD Card Adapter allows you to easily connect a micro-SD Flash Memory Card to your Prope..
रo 2,485.00
RCA to Breadboard Adapter
The Parallax RCA to Breadboard Adapter makes it convenient to connect an RCA jack to breadboards,..
रo 500.00
USB to Serial (RS-232) Adapter
Parallax has designed a USB to Serial (RS-232) adapter that is compact and economical to provide ..
रo 2,495.00 रo 2,095.00
VGA-PS/2 Adapter Board Kit
The VGA-PS/2 Adapter Board Kit makes it easy to add VGA, Keyboard and Mouse connections to a..
रo 2,185.00
PICAXE Breadboard Cable Adapter
This adapter allows easy connection of a PICAXE download cable to a prototyping breadboa..
रo 335.00
DigiX Level Shifter Shield
The Level Shifting Shield allows you to use older Arduino shields that are not 3.3V compatible. I..
रo 1,485.00
TinyShield microSD adapter
Add huge amounts of storage with the TinyShield microSD Adapter This TinyShield microSD Adapt..
रo 985.00
TinyLily Mini USB Adapter
For Connecting Your Computer to the TinyLily Mini The TinyLily Mini USB Adapter adds USB supp..
रo 985.00
TinyLily Battery Adapter
Adapt Your TinyLily Mini to a JST Power Connector Connect up your TinyLily Mini to standard b..
रo 385.00
This is a standalone Lithium battery charger which lets you charge up your batteries from a ..
रo 585.00
Teensy to XBee Adaptor Kit
This kit lets you easily connect Teensy to a XBee wireless module.   The Ard..
रo 695.00
WIZ820io & Micro SD Card Adaptor for Teensy
This adaptor allows you to easily use gigabytes of SD card flash memory and/or a Wiznet WIZ820io ..
रo 695.00
Teensy to WIZ812 Ethernet Adaptor Kit
This kit lets you easily connect Teensy to a WIZ812 ethernet module.   The Arduino E..
रo 895.00
Audio Adaptor Board for Teensy 3.0 & 3.2
This audio adaptor lets you easily add high quality 16 bit, 44.1 kHz sample rate (CD quality)..
रo 1,595.00
Teensy 3.2 Octo-WS2811 Adapter
This adaptor board connects Teensy 3.2 to thousands of LEDs using the Octo28 Library. &n..
रo 1,085.00
Micro SD Card Adaptor for Teensy
This Micro SD card adaptor allows you to easily use gigabytes of flash memory with Teensy. It can..
रo 895.00
Microphone For Audio Adaptor
This Electret Condenser Microphone is meant to be used with the Teensy Audio Adapto..
रo 175.00
PT8211 Audio Kit for Teensy 3.x
PT8211 Audio Kit for Teensy 3.x   PT8211 is a 16 bit stereo digita..
रo 425.00
USB-UART Module Kit
USB-UART Module Kit for ODROID-X / X2 / U2 / U3 / XU / XU3 / W / C1 / XU4 / C1+ / C0 / C2 Sys..
रo 1,550.00 रo 1,385.00