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u-nex  Arduino Compatible Atmega328p USB Development Board cum programmer
u-nex, A 100% Arduino IDE compatible, 32KB USB development board small enough to fit on your fing..
रo 900.00 रo 750.00
MunoX - Embedded Platform
The MunoX is a low cost embedded platform based on the popular open source development platform, ..
रo 1,850.00
Mango Pi - PIC Development Board (Platinum Version)
A revolutionary and a budget friendly 8-bit microcontroller PIC development board for advanced pr..
रo 1,500.00 रo 1,350.00
Sparky SBC
Sparky Single Board Computer (SBC) is a credit card-sized board that can be used as a standalone ..
रo 2,744.00 रo 2,275.00
We all live in a society obsessed by brand names and the latest gadget. Sometimes with reason som..
रo 3,495.00 रo 3,085.00
Kali The Goddess of Time Every SBC has a crystal that it used to send digital signals to your..
रo 4,758.00 रo 3,685.00
A Capacitance Multiplier is designed to make a small capac..
रo 1,219.00 रo 845.00
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CHEAPO (S/PDIF Out + Headphone Amplifier)
Add the Cheapo with S/PDIF Shield to your Sparky SBC for added functionality! Features ..
रo 1,450.00 रo 945.00
PIANO 2.1 HI-FI DAC (Subwoofer Out)
Piano can work as a 2.0 (all frequencies are passed to LR) as a 2.2 (xover frequency is chosen in..
रo 3,412.00 रo 2,650.00
PIANO HI-FI DAC (Digital to Analog Converter)
PIANO Hi-Fi DAC Shield has been designed for those seeking audio perfection. Every detail has bee..
रo 2,464.00 रo 1,595.00
Stepped Attenuator
  24-Step Ladder-Type Attenuator - 10K Log – 2 Channel ..
रo 1,841.00 रo 1,525.00
VOLT AMP (Audio Amplifier)
The TPA3118 class D amplifier IC is a leap in terms of aud..
रo 2,128.00 रo 1,595.00
VOLT+ AMP (Stand Alone Audio Amplifier)
The TPA3118 class D amplifier IC is a leap in terms of audio quality. Our board is a hi..
रo 3,064.00 रo 2,245.00
First... What is a “Transporter” Basically you have your music on the cloud or on your PC/NAS..
रo 6,435.00 रo 5,350.00
First... What is a “Transporter” Basically you have your music on the cloud or on your PC/NAS..
रo 12,285.00 रo 9,725.00
ANALOG TELECOM (Bridge the FXO/FXS Ports to IP) ...Coming Soon
The Analog Telecom Shield is used to bridge the FXO/FXS ports to IP. This addition will allow Spa..
Add 2 X Gigabit Ethernet ports to your Sparky with this Shield. Installs in a snap and increases ..
रo 4,170.00 रo 3,295.00
Full galvanic isolator between SBC/DAC. Unit will work on both master and slave DACs. We have..
रo 3,575.00 रo 2,815.00
There are many DACs for RPI Zero. Most of them low-priced, carbon copy of datasheet, slave DACs. ..
रo 2,535.00 रo 2,085.00
Simply plug in above your DAC and then take the output attenuated by relays switching, to thin fi..
रo 3,575.00 रo 3,055.00