Solar Wafer - 2.6W

Solar Wafer - 2.6W
Solar Wafer - 2.6W
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Solar Wafer - 2.6W Solar Wafer - 2.6W
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125x125mm Polycrystalline Solar Wafer with 16.6% efficiency for a 2.6W maximum power output


1. High efficiency up to 16.6%.
2. Proven long term mechanical stability of silicon.
3. Make of highly purified poly silicon.
4. Two bus bars for reduced series resistance and improved module and cell efficiency.
5. Blue anti-reflecting coating ensures improved light absorption and increased efficiency.
6. Acid texturization offers a uniform appearance and virtually invisible crystal structure.
7. Excellent low light behavior for improved energy yield.


Size 125×125mm/ 5×5 inch  
Average thickness (Si) 200um±20um  
Front contacts (-) 2 silver busbars,distance 52.0mm,1.2mm wide  
Back contacts (+) 2 silver busbars,distance 52.0mm,1.6mm wide  
Crystal A Grade Polycrystalline Silicon  
Pmmp(W) 2.6W  
Umpp(V) 0.503V  
Impp(A) 5.16A  
Uoc(V) 0.527V  
Isc(A) 5.59A  
Efficiency 16.4%  
Testing Conditions Irradiance:1000w/m2, temperature:25, AM=1.5   
TkVoltage -0.241%/k  
TkCurrent +0.033%/k  
TkPower -0.37%/k  
                                 Tab wire & Bus wire
Type  Bus Wire Tabbing Wire
Thickness 0.2mm 0.12mm
Width 5mm 2mm
T of copper   0.15mm 0.1mm
T of Tin : 0.03mm 0.03mm 0.03mm
Width range ±0.1 ±0.1
Size deviation  ±0.01 ±0.01
                                              Pre-tinned = NO SOLDER needed


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