"LEGO Mindstorm on Lego Technic is the most versatile Robot building platform in this world" -, 2013

So much so that use of Legos is banned in many robotic competitions. Competitions that prefer building over conceptualisation.

Lego lets you cut the building time short and concentrate on the concept. Mindstroms uses a very user friendly version of the NI Lab View as the programming envoironment.

Kids growing up with Lego were found to excell in Maths and Science in a study in Europe. Wonder what the kids growing up with Lego Mindstorms would do!!!


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Boson Starter Kit for micro:bit
micro:bit is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for kids and beginners to learn coding a..
रo 6,885.00
LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT Education Base Set
This set enables students to build and program real-life robotic solutions.   Comes ..
LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3: Education Core Set
This core set is optimized for classroom use and contains all you need to teach using the excitin..
रo 41,985.00 रo 38,985.00
LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 - 31313 - Retail
Create and command robots that do what you want with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3!   Combin..
रo 33,999.00 रo 24,725.00
BrickPi - LEGO® Technic Bricks with a Raspberry Pi Brain
A robot with the brains of a Raspberry Pi and the easy build of LEGO®. The BrickPi is a slide..
BrickPi+ Base Kit
BrickPi is best for someone who already has LEGO MINDSTORMS sensors and motors. The BrickPi conne..
रo 15,450.00
Lego Mindstorm Acceleration / Tilt Sensor for NXT / EV3
Now you can make robots that know which way is up! The Accelerometer / Tilt Sensor measures a..
रo 7,550.00 रo 6,485.00
Lego Mindstorms Gyro Sensor for NXT / EV3
Measure the additional dimension of rotation with the NXT Gyro Sensor. This sensor that lets you ..
Lego Mindstorms Infrared Link Sensor for NXT / EV3
Control LEGO R/C trains and other motorized LEGO sets with the HiTechnic IRLink Sensor for the Mi..
रo 7,550.00 रo 6,485.00
Lego Mindstorms Magnetic Compass Sensor for NXT / EV3
Expand your NXT experiences with the new NXT Compass Sensor and add accurate navigation to yo..
रo 7,550.00 रo 6,485.00
Lego Mindstorms Infrared Seeker V2 for NXT / EV3
Play robot soccer and zero in on your infrared (IR) beacons with IRSeeker. You can use most TV re..
रo 6,985.00 रo 6,485.00
Lego Mindstorms Color Sensor V2 for NXT / EV3
Add a spectrum of color to your models with the new and updated Color Sensor. Detect an extended ..
रo 7,550.00 रo 6,485.00
EV3 Large Servo Motor
The EV3 Large Servo Motor is a powerful motor that uses tacho feedback for precise control to wit..
रo 3,695.00
EV3 Medium Servo Motor
The EV3 Medium Servo Motor is great for lower-load, higher speed applications and when faster res..
रo 2,985.00
EV3 Touch Sensor
The analog EV3 Touch Sensor is a simple but exceptionally precise tool that detects when its fron..
रo 2,985.00
EV3 Infrared Beacon
This has been designed for use with the EV3 Infrared Seeker Sensor. The beacon emits an infrared ..
रo 4,425.00
EV3 Infrared Sensor
The digital EV3 Infrared Seeking Sensor detects proximity to the robot and reads signals emitted ..
रo 4,425.00
EV3 Color Sensor
The digital EV3 Color Sensor distinguishes between eight different colors. It also serves as a li..
रo 5,885.00
EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor
The digital EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor generates sound waves and reads their echoes to detect and meas..
रo 4,425.00
EV3 Gyro Sensor
The digital EV3 Gyro Sensor measures the robot’s rotational motion and changes in its orientation..
रo 4,425.00