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Microscope 2S NG - Levenhuk
Levenhuk 2S NG Microscope is a great value, with its basic functions and high-quality Levenhuk op..
रo 6,250.00
Digital Microscope DTX 500 LCD - Levenhuk
Levenhuk DTX 500 LCD Digital Microscope with built-in 3.5-inch LCD display allows you to study sa..
रo 20,985.00
Microscope - 870T Biological Trinocular Levenhuk
Levenhuk 870T is a reliable biological trinocular microscope that may be used for both bright fie..
रo 102,980.00
Binocular Atom 8x21 - Levenhuk
Levenhuk Atom 8x21 Binoculars are created for those who value light weight and portability. 8x ma..
रo 2,785.00
Opera Glasses Levenhuk Broadway 325N (lorgnette with LED light)
Levenhuk Broadway 325N series – elegant theatre lorgnettes with LED light. The telescopic handle ..
रo 3,985.00
Digital Camera C35 NG 350K p, USB 2.0 Levenhuk
The Levenhuk C35 NG Digital Camera allows you to observe specimens and capture the most interesti..
रo 12,395.00
Digital Camera C130 NG, USB 2.0 Levenhuk
Levenhuk C130 NG is a digital camera that may be used with microscopes of any type or brand. It i..
रo 13,985.00
Digital Camera C310 NG , USB 2.0 Levenhuk
The Levenhuk C310 NG Digital Camera may be used with biological, metallurgical, and stereomicrosc..
रo 17,385.00
Telescope Skyline 50x600 AZ Levenhuk
Levenhuk Skyline 50x600 AZ Telescope is a compact refractor perfect for entry-level astronomical ..
रo 5,485.00
Telescope Skyline 60х700 AZ Levenhuk
Levenhuk Skyline 60x700 AZ is a quality and reliable telescope for beginners. With this model you..
रo 7,145.00
Spotting Scope Blaze 50 - Levenhuk
Discover the world with Levenhuk Blaze 50! The wide range of magnifications from 15x to 45x allow..
रo 9,285.00
Spotting Scope Blaze 60 - Levenhuk
Whether you like hiking, traveling, or just enjoying observations from your balcony – Levenhuk Bl..
रo 10,385.00
Spotting Scope Blaze 20-75x100 - Levenhuk
Levenhuk Blaze 20–75x100 is a powerful spotting scope with a large objective lens (100 mm, 3.9 in..
रo 36,785.00
Monocular 8x32 Wise PLUS - Levenhuk
Whether you like walking or hiking, observing urban architecture or enjoying countryside landscap..
रo 4,985.00
Monocular 8x25 Wise - Levenhuk
Levenhuk Wise 8x25 is a compact monocular with 8x magnification and 25 mm objective lens diameter..
रo 5,850.00
Monocular 8-17x25 Wise - Levenhuk
Levenhuk Wise 8-17x25 Monocular is a compact and lightweight monocular with variable magnificatio..
रo 5,450.00
Magnifier - Levenhuk Zeno 50 LED , 2.2/4.4x, 88/21 mm
Levenhuk Zeno 50 LED Magnifier is a practical magnifier with two lenses. The main lens has 2.2x m..
रo 1,095.00
Magnifier Levenhuk Zeno 1000 LED , 2.5/5x, 88/21 mm
Levenhuk Zeno 1000 LED Magnifier is a unique desktop magnifier that may be used for studying text..
रo 2,195.00