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  The ODROID-C2 is a 64-bit quad-core single board computer(SBC) that is one of the most..
रo 5,750.00
The ODROID-C1+ is esteemed to be the most powerful low-cost single board computer available, as w..
रo 4,285.00 रo 3,825.00
ODROID-XU4 with Power Adapter
ODROID-XU4 is a new generation of computing device with more powerf..
रo 9,985.00 रo 8,850.00
ODROID-HC1 : Home Cloud One
  ODROID-HC1 is a mini PC which can be an affordable solution for a..
रo 5,585.00
ODROID-W is a miniature computing module which is fully compatible with all software availabl..
रo 4,650.00
C1 Heat Sink
This heatsink might be useful for who needs the full throttled quad-core performance with ODROID-..
रo 645.00 रo 585.00
40 x 40 x 25 mm Tall Blue Heat Sink
This heatsink might be useful for who needs a low noise solution with ODROID-XU4. The stock activ..
रo 745.00 रo 685.00
The ODROID-C0 is a computer for those who wish to make a more flexible and portable applicati..
रo 4,050.00 रo 3,285.00
oCam : 5MP USB 3.0 Camera
oCam : 5MP USB 3.0 Camera   The oCam supports plug-and-play by UVC compliant..
रo 12,585.00
oCam-1MGN-U : Global Shutter
oCam-1MGN-U : Global Shutter The oCam-1MGN-U is a global shutter mono camera with the followi..
रo 15,985.00
3.2inch TFT+Touchscreen Shield for Odroid C1+
Fully assembled 3.2inch display with 320x240 pixels TFT LCD and a resistive touch overlay. Ju..
रo 3,385.00
Weather Board - ODROID
Add-on sensor board for ODROID-SHOW   The Weather board is an easy to use OD..
रo 2,650.00
ODROID-VU7 : 7inch 800x480 or 1024 x 600 HDMI display with Multi-touch
7-inch multi-touch screen for ODROIDs gives users the ability to create all..
रo 8,285.00 रo 6,985.00
The ODROID-SHOW is the Ar..
रo 3,695.00
ODROID-VU5 : 5inch 800x480 HDMI display with Multi-touch
  5-inch multi-touch screen for ODROIDs gives users the ability to ..
रo 7,685.00 रo 6,985.00
Weather Board 2
Best low-cost environmental sensing solution with BME280 and Si1132 on one board. The ..
रo 2,595.00 रo 2,085.00
Compatible with ODROID  U3/U2/XU/XU/XU3/C1/XU4/C0/C2 with the latest OS version.  ..
रo 2,495.00 रo 2,285.00
ODROID eMMC Module C1+ Linux
Pre-installed Xubuntu 14.04 or latest version for ODROID-C1.  Ready to run out of box ..
रo 3,470.00 रo 2,085.00
ODROID eMMC 5.0 Module XU4 Linux
Pre-installed Ubuntu15.04 or latest version.  Ready to run out of the box eMMC Versio..
रo 2,685.00
eMMC Module C2 Linux Black
eMMC Module C2 Linux Black for Odroid - C2 Pre-installed Ubuntu 16.04 or latest version. ..
रo 2,895.00