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Muscle Wire Moving Hand Kit
This hand realistically moves its fingers using real Muscle Wires®!   These Muscle W..
रo 4,425.00
Flexinol ® Actuator Muscle Wire - LT
Note: LT (Low temperature) Actuator wires shows its contracting properties at around 70 degree Ce..
रo 85.00
Flexinol ® Actuator Muscle Wire - HT
Note: HT (High temperature) Actuator muscle wires show its contracting properties at around 90 de..
रo 85.00
Nitinol Shape Memory Wire (10 cm or more)
10cm length Memory wire, a.k.a. Nitinol, is a nifty metal alloy (mixture) of Nickel (NI) and ..
रo 185.00
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Dr. Johnson's Heat Engine™ Coil
This is a simple but fascinating demonstration of Muscle Wire® material technology. It looks like..
रo 1,595.00
Niti Tension Spring
Tension - When cool, can be extended or deformed to ~14 cm, using ~6N . Heated, contracts to ~29 ..
रo 1,485.00
Body Temperature Demo Spring
This is an intriguing little device. Looks pretty small and simple, doesn't it? It's small bu..
रo 1,485.00
Body Temperature Demo Spring in Glass Vial
This spring has the same amazing qualities as the Body Temperature Demo Spring, simply packaged f..
रo 1,485.00
The Flexinol® actuator wire Bendsoft™ is used for micro miniature animation in small animated fig..
रo 2,985.00
Dr Johnson's Heat Engine™
With rising gas prices and concern about the future safety of nuclear power, it is more imper..
रo 3,895.00
Electrostem™ II Valve
An exciting valve that will revolutionize the industry.  * Proportional control. &nbs..
रo 2,395.00
One of the best uses for Flexinol® actuator wire is in electronic locks. The Flexinol® actuator w..
रo 2,985.00