PICAXE Project Kits

We sell a range of PICAXE programmable PIC electronic kits, chips and accessories. Programmable PIC kits help to bridge the gap between electronics and programming. PIC micro-controllers ICs are simple to program and offer great value really lowering the entry barrier to programming.

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PICAXE-28X2 Shield Base (Kit)
The PICAXE-28X2 shield base has been designed to be compatible with almost all 'shield module..
रo 1,350.00
PICAXE-28 Project Board
A project board for 28 pin PICAXE microcontrollers. Supports 8 digital inputs, 8 darlington d..
रo 1,585.00
Instant Robot Shield
The Instant Robot Shield is designed to enable you to rapidly create a robot based upon a PIC..
रo 3,385.00 रo 2,985.00
PICAXE Rudolph Reindeer Project Kit
This project in an ideal introduction to electronics and first PICAXE project, usi..
रo 1,685.00
PICAXE-18M2 Touch Sensor Demo
The PICAXE-18M2 touch sensor demo board provides a system for testing the touch sensor features o..
रo 1,350.00
PICAXE Datalogger Project Kit
The PICAXE datalogger is a complete 4 channel datalogger, supplied with PICAXE-18M2, LDR..
रo 4,385.00
PICAXE Simon Says Game Kit
The classic ‘Simon Says’ game produced on a low cost PCB using the PICAXE-18M2 mic..
रo 1,350.00
RF Connect Wireless Radio Boards
The AXE213 is a pair of boards which allow simple PICAXE to PICAXE (or PICAXE to PC) interfacing ..
रo 1,385.00
PICAXE I2C Explorer Kit
A self-assembly kit for the PICAXE-20X2 (included) for those wishing to int..
रo 1,350.00
PICAXE XBee Connect Starter Kit
The PICAXE Connect Board allows XBee 2.4GHz ZigBee modules to be interfaced..
रo 8,850.00
PICAXE GPS Connect Kit
Kit of parts to assemble a PICAXE Connect board for use with XBee or GPS mo..
रo 1,775.00
PICAXE Spacewriter Kit
The Spacewriter kit lives up to its name – it writes messages in th..
रo 1,520.00
PICAXE Nursery Monitor Kit
A full kit of parts, including PICAXE-20M2, that uses a DS18B20 dig..
रo 1,685.00
PICAXE Binary Clock Kit
There are ‘1 & 0’ types of people who understand binary - those who do and tho..
रo 3,985.00
PICAXE iButton Lock Kit
The iButton is a unique electronic ‘key’ in a coin sized metal can. As each iButto..
रo 2,530.00
Digital Temperature Sensor Kit
This PICAXE-08M2 based kit uses a digital DS18B20 temperature sensor to control a transistor outp..
रo 1,350.00
PICAXE Safety Light Project Kit
The safety light uses three high intensity LEDs to create a pedestrian/cycl..
रo 2,530.00
PICAXE iPod(TM) Connect Kit
The PICAXE iPod connect kit enables a remote control kit to be deve..