Tiny Lily

Tiny Lily boards and accessories..

1/12th the size of LilyPad arduino but with all the power!

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TinyLily Mini Processor Board
For All Your Tiny e-textile Needs The TinyCircuits TinyLily Mini is an Arduino compatible mod..
रo 785.00
TinyLily Motor Board
Drive a 1.8A DC Motor When TI came out with the world’s smallest DC motor driver chip, we kne..
रo 425.00
TinyLily Mini USB Adapter
For Connecting Your Computer to the TinyLily Mini The TinyLily Mini USB Adapter adds USB supp..
रo 985.00
TinyLily Battery Adapter
Adapt Your TinyLily Mini to a JST Power Connector Connect up your TinyLily Mini to standard b..
रo 385.00
TinyLily Switch 3mm
A Tiny Sewable Switch A nice tiny washable switch (the switch itself is just 3x3mm) in an ext..
रo 225.00
TinyLily LED 0402
If you need a super Tiny LED – this is it!  So you want the smallest possible sewable LE..
रo 85.00
TinyLily LED 1206
Powerful LED in a Tiny package! A standard size LED in an extremely compact size of 10.2mm x ..
रo 85.00
This is a standalone Lithium battery charger which lets you charge up your batteries from a ..
रo 585.00
Open Softwear 2nd Edition
Open Softwear is a book about fashion and technology. More precisely it is a book about Arduino b..
रo 1,250.00