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VANA Player (Bundle)
This is the Vana Player. Includes Sparky + Kali + Piano 2.1 + Volt + CM + 5V Adapter + Acrylic Ca..
रo 16,103.00 रo 13,650.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Sparky SBC
Sparky Single Board Computer (SBC) is a credit card-sized board that can be used as a standalone ..
रo 2,744.00
Kali The Goddess of Time Every SBC has a crystal that it used to send digital signals to your..
रo 5,758.00
VOLT AMP (Audio Amplifier)
The TPA3118 class D amplifier IC is a leap in terms of aud..
रo 2,128.00
VOLT+ AMP (Stand Alone Audio Amplifier)
The TPA3118 class D amplifier IC is a leap in terms of audio quality. Our board is a hi..
रo 3,064.00
A Capacitance Multiplier is designed to make a small capac..
रo 1,219.00
Based on 1 reviews.
VOLT+ AMP + STEPPED ATTENUATOR Features  > Includes VOLT+ Amp + Stepped Attenuato..
रo 4,251.00
KALI + PIANO (Bundle)
This is the Kali + Piano Bundle. By purchasing this bundle, you'll be able to save money! Please ..
रo 8,222.00 रo 7,650.00
KALI + PIANO + RPI (Bundle)
This is the Kali + Piano+ Rpi Bundle. Please note that this bundle will come with Kali 44/48Mhz O..
रo 11,985.00
This power adapter is made to specifications guaranteeing the lowest ripple and noise possible. T..
रo 842.00
Acrylic Case for RPi + Kali + Piano
This is the Acrylic case for RPI + Kali + Piano Bundle. Package Details: 1 ..
रo 715.00
This is the Acrylic Case for RPi + Boss Package Details: 1 x Acrylic Case for Ra..
रo 715.00
CHEAPO (S/PDIF Out + Headphone Amplifier)
Add the Cheapo with S/PDIF Shield to your Sparky SBC for added functionality! Features ..
रo 1,450.00
PIANO HI-FI DAC (Digital to Analog Converter)
PIANO Hi-Fi DAC Shield has been designed for those seeking audio perfection. Every detail has bee..
रo 2,464.00
PIANO 2.1 HI-FI DAC (Subwoofer Out)
Piano can work as a 2.0 (all frequencies are passed to LR) as a 2.2 (xover frequency is chosen in..
रo 3,412.00
Add 2 X Gigabit Ethernet ports to your Sparky with this Shield. Installs in a snap and increases ..
रo 4,170.00
We all live in a society obsessed by brand names and the latest gadget. Sometimes with reason som..
रo 3,495.00