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Grove Shield for Intel Joule
At the 2016 Intel Developer Forum, Intel announced the availability of the Joule M..
रo 1,385.00
Grove - Thumb Joystick
Grove - Thumb Joystick is a Grove compatible module which is very similar to the 'analog' joystic..
रo 785.00 रo 645.00
Grove LED Bar v2.0
Grove – LED Bar is comprised of a 10 segment LED gauge bar and an MY9221 LED controlling chip. It..
रo 450.00
Grove - MP3 v2.0
Grove - MP3 v2.0 is a tiny-size and compact audio module. It supports ope..
रo 1,150.00
Grove - LCD RGB Backlight
Done with tedious mono color backlight? This Grove enables you to set the color to whate..
रo 1,495.00
Grove - Red LED
Grove - LED is designed for the beginners of Arduino/Seeeduino to monitor controls from digital p..
रo 250.00
Grove - OLED Display 0.96"/ 1.12''
Grove - OLED Display 0.96"/ 1.12'' is an OLED monochrome 128×64dot matrix display module..
रo 1,685.00
Grove - 4-Digit Display
4 digit display module is usually a 12 pin module. In this Grove gadget, we utilize a TM..
रo 650.00 रo 485.00
Grove - Buzzer
This is a simple yet enjoyable twig to use. The piezo can be connected to digital output..
रo 250.00 रo 155.00
Grove - White LED
Grove - LED is designed for the beginners of Arduino/Seeeduino to monitor controls from digital p..
रo 250.00
Grove - Speaker
The Grove - Speaker is a module consist of power amplification and voice outputs. The loudnes..
रo 750.00 रo 695.00
Grove - Speech Recognizer
Use voice to interact with things around you can always be one of the most interesting thing..
रo 2,150.00 रo 1,685.00
ReSpeaker Grove Extension Board
The Grove extension board can be stacked (connected) right onto the top..
रo 850.00
Grove - Serial Camera Kit
Grove - Serial Camera Kit includes one control board and two interchangeble lenses, one is st..
रo 2,995.00
Grove - EL Driver
Grove - EL Driver is designed for driving EL Wires.It integrates a very small inverter to dri..
रo 995.00
Grove - LED Strip Driver
The LED Strip Driver with 4-pin Grove interface provides easy connectivity to your standard A..
रo 995.00
Grove - Water Atomization v1.0
Grove - Water Atomization is a perfect module for you to develop an atomizer or an atomizer m..
रo 995.00
Grove-I2C Hub
I2C Hub Grove is an extension Grove module for connecting ..
रo 285.00
Grove - Switch(P)
What does “P” mean? “P” is for “panel mount” in this product. This ..
रo 245.00
Grove - Tilt Switch
The tilt-switch twig is the equivalent of a button, and is used as a digital input..
रo 255.00