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STM8S - Discovery Evaluation Board
The STM8S-DISCOVERY is a quick start evaluation board which helps you to discover the STM8 featur..
रo 1,185.00
STM32F3 - Discovery Evaluation Board
The STM32F3DISCOVERY is a discovery kit based on STM32F303VCT6 microcontroller with 256KB flash, ..
रo 1,550.00
STM32VL- DISCOVERY Evaluation Board
The STM32VLDISCOVERY is a low-cost and quick way to discover the STM32 value line. It includes ev..
रo 1,285.00 रo 1,085.00
8-Bit Addressable Latch HCF4099BE (DIP)
HCF4099B is a monolithic integrated circuit fabricated in Metal Oxide Semiconductor technology. ..
रo 24.00
LM358N Low-Power Dual Op-Amp with Low Input Bias Current
LM358N consist of two independent, high-gain, internally frequency-compensated op-amps, ..
रo 12.00
L298N - Dual Full Bridge Driver
The L298N is a high voltage, high current, dual full bridge driver designed to accept st..
रo 150.00
8-Bit Shift Register Output Latch (3-State) - M74HC595B
The M74HC595 device is a high speed CMOS 8-bit shift register with output latches (3-sta..
रo 19.00
8-Bit Shift and Store Bit Register - HCF4094
The HCF4094 is an 8-stage, serial shift register having a storage latch associated with ..
रo 17.00
Quadruple Operational Amplifier - LM248N
 LM248 is a  quadruple,independent, high-gain, internally compensated operatio..
रo 17.00