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Parallax Professional Development Board
Our Professional Development Board (PDB) is a high-quality, fully-integrated development platform fo..
रo 21,780.00
Propeller Professional Development Board
Propeller Chip - 40-Pin DIP Chip Included! The Propeller Professional Development Board (PPDB..
रo 24,985.00
Basic Stamp1 Module with USB
The BS1 w/USB module is a BASIC Stamp® 1 microcontroller with an on-board USB interface and USB-A..
रo 5,400.00
Basic Stamp1 Serial Adapter
The BASIC Stamp 1 Serial Adapter provides serial port based programming capability from a PC runn..
रo 850.00
Basic Stamp1 Carrier Board
Low-cost through-hole carrier boards are available separately. This board provides a wire-wrap or..
रo 2,185.00
BASIC Stamp 1 Interpreter Chip (DIP)
Recommended for high volume applications or those with limited PCB real estate, the BASIC Stamp 1..
रo 1,675.00
Basic Stamp1 Module
It's amazing what you can accomplish with this well-proven microcontroller and its simple PBASIC ..
रo 4,985.00
Basic Stamp 2 Module
The BASIC Stamp 2 serves as the brains inside of electronics projects and applications that requi..
रo 8,380.00
Basic Stamp 2px Module
The BASIC Stamp 2px serves as the brains inside of electronics projects and applications that req..
रo 13,395.00
BASIC Stamp 2p 40-Pin Microcontroller Module
The BASIC Stamp 2p40 serves as the brains inside of electronics projects and applications that re..
रo 14,985.00
Basic Stamp 2pe MotherBoard
Parallax's BASIC Stamp 2pe Motherboard provides a compact, professional-grade platform for BASIC ..
रo 13,395.00
Basic Stamp2 Carrier Board
BASIC Stamp® 2 carrier board has 24-pin DIP socket for the BS2-IC, BS2E-IC, BS2SX-IC, BS2P24, BS2..
रo 2,495.00 रo 2,095.00
Basic Stamp Activity Kit - What's a MicroController?
Know electronics and want to learn programming? Or know programming and want to learn electronics..
रo 13,395.00
Prototyping Daughterboard
Parallax's Prototyping Daughterboard is a convenient through-hole board that allows you to build ..
रo 485.00
SX-28AC/DP-G 28pin MicroController
  The Parallax SX28AC/DP-G is a RISC architecture, high-speed micr..
रo 195.00
SX-Key (USB)
The SX-Key USB is Parallax's primary development tool for the SX line of microcontrollers, suppor..
रo 5,495.00
SX-Blitz (USB)
The SX Blitz (USB) is a low-cost alternative to the SX-Key USB development tool. It is same in al..
रo 3,500.00
SX Tech Board
The SX Tech board is our project area for the SX microcontroller. Simply plug in the SX-Key, power, ..
रo 1,685.00
SX28 Proto Board
Need a way to play with the Parallax SX28? The SX28 is a nice, tidy solution to using the surface mo..
रo 1,500.00
Propeller Chip - P8X32A-D40 (40-Pin DIP)
Introducing Parallax's own all-custom silicon, designed at the transistor level by schematic! The..
रo 1,395.00