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LIFX : The WiFi LED Bulb - The Original is proud to be the first and only store to introduce the LiFx to India. LIFX is a ..
रo 11,420.00 रo 6,385.00
LIFX : The WiFi LED Bulb - Color 1000
The latest from Lifx: Color 1000, Enjoy 16 million color options including 1000 shades of wa..
रo 11,420.00 रo 6,485.00
LIFX : The WiFi LED Bulb - White 800
Get a full range of vibrant warm to cool whites from a single bulb ! Inspire the everyda..
रo 8,980.00
LIFX : The WiFi LED Bulb - Color 650
A full range of colors and warm to cool whites radiated at a 90-degree angle for your directional..
रo 9,890.00
LIFX Color 1000 BR30
Find your color with the brightest, easiest, most versatile, energy efficient LED smart bulb. Enj..
रo 11,420.00 रo 9,850.00
LIFX White 900 BR30
Enjoy 1000 shades of warm to cool whites. Control the comfort of any room with the brightest, eas..
रo 8,980.00 रo 7,980.00
LIFX+ : The WiFi LED Bulb
Brighten your space, inside or outside, even in the dark. With the help of infrared the LIFX+ tak..
रo 10,650.00
LIFX Z Starter Kit
Fine-tune your lighting with custom controlled LED strips. Select from a spectrum of color for 8 ..
रo 12,250.00
LIFX Z Extensions
Extend and customize your existing LIFX Z Starter Kit up to 10 meter in length with 1m extensions..
रo 4,250.00
LIFX : The All New Generation 3
Product Facts Brightness: 1100 lumens Energy Cost: $1.32 ..
रo 8,385.00 रo 6,885.00