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Lead-Acid Battery Charger cum Voltage Analyser ***Discontinued***
Nowadays maintenance-free lead-acid batteries are common in vehicles, inverters, and UPS systems...
रo 400.00
Out Of Stock   
8051 Development Board Rev1.3
* 8051 Development Board with inbuilt programmer. * On board Voltage Regulator with filters and..
रo 990.00
AVR Development Board Rev.1.2
* High Power AVR ATMEGA 32 Development board. * Can be used with ATMEGA 16 microcontroller. *..
रo 1,000.00
Mango Pi - PIC Development Board (Platinum Version)
A revolutionary and a budget friendly 8-bit microcontroller PIC development board for advanced pr..
रo 1,500.00 रo 1,350.00
Embedded Launch Pad- 8051
8051 development board in the field of embedded systems and microcontrollers for developing vario..
रo 3,000.00
Two-Channel PC-Based Oscilloscope
******  Product discontinued till components are available again. Please contact us before o..
रo 1,700.00
Remote Control for Home Appliances DIY Kit
The Remote Control for Home Appliances can be used to switch ON and OFF any home appliance or ele..
रo 275.00
Cordless FM MIC
The Cordless FM Mic can be used a FM transmitter. The frequency transmitted by the circuit is FM ..
रo 200.00
Digital Voltmeter Kit DIY Kit
A voltmeter finds application wherever voltage is to be measured. The Digital Voltmeter is design..
रo 500.00
Wireless TV Headphone DIY Kit
The Wireless TV Headphone circuit is basically a simple FM transmitter. Its function is to conver..
रo 200.00
Telephone Call Recorder DIY Kit
Owing to the immense popularity of telephone as a communication medium, the need for call recordi..
रo 120.00
Electronic Bicycle Lock DIY Kit
The electronic bicycle lock is a worthwhile alternative for bicycle owners who want to make their..
रo 225.00
Quality FM Transmitter DIY Kit
The digital like sound quality that FM offers is the reason that many people prefer to have their..
रo 250.00
Cellphone Detector Mobile Bug DIY Kit
The circuit can detect both the incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and video transmission even if t..
रo 250.00
Fastest Finger First Indicator DIY Kit
The Fastest Finger First Indicator circuit determines as to which of the four contestants pre..
रo 375.00 रo 325.00
Simple Automatic Water Level Controller DIY Kit
Water-level controllers are common nowadays. The one described here is built around timer NE5..
रo 180.00
Long Range FM Transmitter
The circuit of the Long Range FM Transmitter is built around transistor BF494 (T1), which is a ba..
रo 325.00
Out Of Stock   
8051 Plus AVR Programmer
USB based programmer for most popular, 8051-AVR family of microcontrollers. Small size, Self..
रo 885.00
ABC of Amateur Radio
*****   Out of print. Please check with us before ordering   *****  ABC of Ama..
रo 100.00
"Batteries", a book by D. Venkatasubbiah, talks about various chemistries in cell technology, the..
रo 75.00