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Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7V, 70mAh/ 150mAh/ 270mAh/ 1100mAh for TinyCircuits
Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7V, 140mAh / 150mAh / 270mAh for TinyCircuits This is a ..
रo 260.00
Airblock: The Modular and Programmable Starter Drone ... Coming Soon
Build it. Code it. Fly it. The first Modular Drone Transforms Into Whatever You Want &n..
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Coreless Micro Motor 820 High-Speed Pair
Makeblock's extreme torque and high quality 820 Coreless Motor has both the positive pitch and th..
रo 1,195.00
KK multicopter V5.5 Controller Black Board
The latest v.5.5 KKmulticopter controller uses the piezoelectric gyros which have been incorporat..
रo 1,785.00
ArduPilot Mega 2.6
This is the new APM 2.6 autopilot module. The sensors are exactly the same as with APM2.5+, h..
रo 4,785.00 रo 2,985.00
OpenPilot CC3D Atom Mini CC3D Evo Flight Controller
The CC3D EVO provides a crisp feel when flying tricopters, quads, hexas, octocopters, and eve..
रo 1,785.00
Flight Controller with OSD - F3 (AIO)
Guide:  Manual:   Discussion:    Features ..
रo 4,150.00
ArduPilot Mega 2.6 Ultimate Kit
APM 2.6 ArduPilot Flight Controller + GPS +3DR 915Mhz 868MAhz 433Mhz + Minimosd + Current Mod..
रo 13,485.00
  The Lynxmotion Quadrino Nano was created as a collabora..
रo 18,985.00
Navio2 Autopilot Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 / 3
Autopilot kit for for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 GPS/Glonas/Beidou ..
रo 26,985.00
Quadcopter Airframe Kit model SM451 with SK30A ESCs and matching hi-power outrunner BLD..
रo 11,950.00
Based on 7 reviews.
Super light, fast and agile quadcopter perfect for custom programming and sensing applications. F..
रo 6,875.00
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6-Axis Gyro 4 Channel RC Ready to fly Nano Quadcopter !   Features: 3D 360 d..
रo 3,250.00 रo 2,985.00
Quadcopter Airframe Kit with 2830 & 30A ESCs and matching hi-power outrunner BLDCs ..
रo 10,980.00
Quadcopter Airframe Kit model SM452 with SK30A ESCs and matching hi-power outrunner BLD..
रo 12,985.00
A DIY drone educational kit of mini craft which is mainly aimed at the primary and high school st..
रo 11,985.00
The Crazyflie 2.0 is a versatile flying development platform that only weights 27g and fits in th..
रo 18,850.00
Comfortable both indoors and outdoors Removable polyamide hull to protect the propeller..
रo 14,985.00
Quadcopter 4 Channel 2.4Ghz RTF   Quadcopter Size: 9.5X..
रo 1,985.00
Pluto Drone - Smartphone Controlled Quadcopter DIY Kit
Pluto is ideal for educational experimentation usage because of its DIY design. It encourages a c..
रo 6,500.00 रo 5,995.00
Based on 1 reviews.