Oak - Wifi for all the Things

Oak - Wifi for all the Things
Oak - Wifi for all the Things
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Oak is a tiny Arduino Compatible development board with built-in Wi-Fi and a secure cloud-powered platform called RootCloud (online IDE, REST API, and Dashboard) which makes it easy to create cloud-connected electronic devices, projects, and products.
While the Oak is fully Arduino Compatible - it also has some serious performance: it uses a 32-bit microcontroller running at 80Mhz (overclockable to 160Mhz) which is contained in a custom Digistump made MCU and 802.11b/g/n WiFi module with awesome range and FCC/CE approval, 11 I/O pins, wide range voltage regulator, SPI, I2C, Uart, and more!
Now anyone can afford to build devices for the internet of things - put a Wi-Fi thermometer in every room! Wi-Fi toys! Wi-Fi toasters! Wi-Fi all the things!
The Oak is just a bit bigger than a quarter, but its packed with power and it's open source. It is compatible with almost all Digispark shields - over 25 of them!
The Specs:  
  • 32-bit 80mhz (160mhz overclockable) microprocessor  
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi radio built-in  - FCC/CE Modular Approval
  • 1MB of ROM, 64KB RAM (~300kb available for user code)  
  • 512 bytes of EEPROM type storage  
  • 11 Digital I/O Pins (interrupts on 10 digital pins)  
  • 1 Analog Pin (Analog Read) 
  • PWM on all Digital Pins (up to 6 active at a time)  
  • Sleep and Deep Sleep modes for low power usage 
  • Ability to read the voltage of its power source (for battery monitoring) 
  • Board dimensions: 0.92in (23.4mm) x 1.18in (30mm) or about 1 sq/in
Oak makes it easy!
Arduino Compatible
The Oak is truly Arduino Compatible. You can program it using our feature rich and super easy to use RootCloud IDE or you can use the good old Arduino IDE. Either way you can use many existing Arduino libraries. You can compile your code in the cloud with no effort, or you can compile locally. It is even ready to use with Arduino compatible tools like Visual Micro and Ino. The choice is yours! (More details below)
A Cloud for your Devices
The Oak is backed by the RootCloud - a completely free feature rich REST API based cloud platform for communicating between your devices, applications, APIs, webhooks, and more! (More details below)
Program the Oak over Wi-Fi
The Oak's USB port is only for power! All programming and serial style debugging is wireless, and fast! Click upload in the RootCloud IDE or the Arduino IDE and BAM! your code gets uploaded to your Oak in just a few seconds - no matter where in the world it is!
Upload wirelessly from RootCloud IDE, the REST API, the command line, or the Arduino IDE! (If you really want to you can upload via Serial as well)
Dead Simple Wi-Fi Setup  
  • Connect to the Oak's wi-fi network.  
  • Enter your Wi-Fi access information 
  • Click connect! 
You can also do this programmatically from the command line!
The Oak and RootCloud use industry standard encryption to talk to each other - no snooping allowed. Everything is encrypted - the device communications, the code uploads, the REST API, and even the IDE and dashboards,
Online IDE: Super Easy Development
Awesome web based IDE: Write code just like you would for an Arduino, but do it in a modern full featured IDE. The RootCloud IDE allows you to write code anywhere from any browser - on your phone, tablet, or computer. And then upload the code to your Oak - no wires, no drivers, no software. Plus it has syntax highlighting, auto-complete, Git/Github import/export, and syntax checking built-in!
Serial Style Debugging over Wi-Fi: Add Serial.print("test"); style code to your sketch and see the debugging output in the same window as your code, with no wires. RootCloud IDE has an Serial debug terminal built-in and it is all wireless - no drivers, no com ports, just easy!
All your boards in one place: The RootCloud IDE allows you to write code and compile for most Arduino compatible boards. Using our small helper program it can even upload (through USB on your computer) to boards that don't support Wi-Fi.
Your Choice: Want to use the Arduino IDE? The Oak supports that too, with wi-fi uploading and debugging!
RootCloud: Ready to Connect to Everything!
REST API: Use a dead simple API to talk to your Oak. The RootCloud API is Spark API compatible, super fast, and always free. Use the existing Spark API tools and libraries, the RootCloud IDE Cloud window for debugging, our command line tool, or direct web requests.
The API is fully documented and already beta complete (but not publicly available yet) - check out the docs: 
The RootCloud API has all of the Spark API features, plus many more. You can use the RootCloud API to:
  • Send and receive events from devices, browsers, applications, apps, and webhooks. You can trigger an event from a webhook as well. And, we are working on connecting this to IFTTT too!
  • Trigger a function to run on the device from a browser, application, dashboard, or app.
  • Read the value of a variable on a device from a browser, application, dashboard, or app.
  • Get info about the current state of a device (or all your devices as once) from a browser, application, dashboard, or app.
  • Get historical data sent by your device from a browser, application, dashboard, or app. (Note: This is unique to RootCloud and not part of the Spark API specs)
  • Upload firmware to a device from on a device from a browser, application, or app. Including the ability to mass deploy firmware to many devices as once with a single click.
  • Reboot a device from on a device from a browser, application, or app.
  • Tons more!
Real-time Custom Dashboards: Use the super awesome, super simple dashboard tools to make real-time dashboards with graphs, gauges, indicators, maps, and more showing the data from your Oak(s) in real-time. Then share them with your friends, colleagues, or clients.
Device Management: Manage whole fleets of Oak boards, Acorn modules, and other RootCloud enabled devices from a single place. Update firmware on multiple devices in one click, see live info on device statues, errors, and events, and have total control of your fleet of enabled devices.
Ready to Play:  Use our iOS and Android App to play with your Oak right out of the box - turn pins on and off, set PWM values, and more - get started without any programming.
OS and Android App Examples: The easy to use REST API makes mobile development with the Oak a snap. We'll have App Examples of all major API features to get you started.
Don't want to use RootCloud? You don't have to use our cloud, you can run your own copy of the API server locally (or online) - we'll release a version of it completely open source and ready to run on Linux/Raspberry Pi/OSX/Windows - or you can program it completely bare metal over serial.
Thing you could build (your ideas are probably better !)


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