Gizmo 1 Explorer Kit

Gizmo 1 Explorer Kit
Gizmo 1 Explorer Kit
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The Gizmo Explorer Kit provides a comprehensive embedded development environment and is one of the most cost-effective kits anywhere considering everything you get for an incredibly low price. 
Gizmo is a small form-factor, low cost platform intended for embedded innovators and hobbyists to create and develop new software and hardware products. The development board is based on AMD’s Embedded G-Series APUs. The platform is designed to provide direct access to the various I/O features available from the AMD APU and chipset, a robustness which is rarely accessible or available on standard off-the-shelf PC motherboards.
The Gizmo Explorer Kit combines the power of the Gizmo board with an Explorer expansion board that exposes the embedded features of the APU in the form of additional buses, labeled holes for signal access, motor control, and a sea of holes for prototyping. The kit also contains a Sage SmartProbe®, which allows bare metal debugging of the CPU from the reset interrupt vector on, along with the Sage Embedded Developer Kit (EDK), which provides a powerful set of features to improve development and debug capabilities. Both the SmartProbe and the EDK come with limited trial licenses, but full licenses are available at a substantial discount from Sage for non-commercial use.
The low-cost Gizmo development board for embedded innovators combines the power of a supercomputer with the I/O capabilities of a microcontroller, built upon the first of its kind AMD Embedded G-series APU to deliver 52.8 GFLOPS at less than 10W. Merging this performance power with direct access to a wide range of interfaces including GPIO, ADC/DAC, PWM, I(2) C, SPI, USB, SATA and PCIe provides even greater functionality and design possibilities.
What's Included:
The figures below show the locations of all the major Gizmo board and Explorer board components and connections.  Refer to the User Guide for further information on interfaces and supported devices.
The Gizmo Board: A compact (4″x4″) development board for embedded innovators and hobbyists. Powered by the AMD Embedded G-Series APU. Two custom card edge connectors (one high speed, one low speed) provide ready access to special features including SATA, USB, Display Port, PCIe, SPI, I2C, GPIO, PWM, ADC Input, DAC Output, Reset, and Counter. The board also includes JTAG header, VGA video output, Audio input/output, Ethernet, and USB ports.
The Explorer Board: A companion board for Gizmo, the Explorer expansion I/O board allows for even greater experimentation and exploration opportunities. This two-layer board connects to Gizmo via the low-speed connector and provides an alpha-numeric keypad, a micro-display, and a sea of holes for prototyping and customization.
Sage SmartProbe® JTAG Development Tool: An automated, configurable plugin development tool for embedded designs, the SmartProbe® enables full development and debug capabilities including access to all registers and memory, USB and Ethernet support, remote access, virtual port, reset vector control, field updatable firmware, and more. The kit includes the SmartProbe® hardware and 20 hours of limited time use.
Sage EDK Graphical Interface: A 30-day trial license for the Sage EDK, an intuitive graphical interface that streamlines development and debug. With the Sage EDK integrated development environment (IDE) you’ll be able to efficiently build, inspect and debug the software under development. Features include smart editor, cross-compile toolchain integration, automated image transfer, symbolic software debug, processor debug support, and more.
Pre-installed SageBIOS™ on Gizmo: The Gizmo board comes pre-installed with SageBIOS™, a distribution of open source coreboot®. Select from several boot options, including a PC behavior option and an Explorer board option, among others.
Flash Thumbdrive: Ready to boot with the SLAX Linux distribution. Also contains instructions for installing the Sage EDK and documentation such as the Gizmo Explorer Kit user guide.
Quick Start Guide: A to-the-point guide to get you up and running quickly.
Power Supply: A compact power supply for the Gizmo board compatible with US power outlets.
Ethernet & USB Cables: One of each, for use with the Sage SmartProbe®. The USB cable lets you connect the SmartProbe® to your PC. The Ethernet cable enables you to develop a system remotely from anywhere in the world.
About GizmoSphere
At GizmoSphere, you can expand your horizons in embedded development by exchanging ideas with a global community and finding the right resources for your embedded solutions.
The most important part about GizmoSphere, a community and development environment, is that it is open. It’s about sharing information and new concepts. From platform design, to firmware, to applications … everything is there for you to explore the infinite possibilities.
At the heart of GizmoSphere is Gizmo, a compact development board that lets you evaluate, experiment and design. This low-cost, low-power, high-processing standalone board boasts a 52.8 GFLOP capacity, giving you access to the power of a supercomputer AND the I/O capabilities of a microcontroller.
Whatever your interest – multicore computing, high performance PC-style I/O, open source, accessible embedded I/O, or hardware virtualization, to name a few specialties – GizmoSphere is here to enable endless design possibilities.  Share ideas through the GizmoSphere discussion forum


Below are some of the many features. Entire feature set is only limited by your imagination...
AMD Embedded G-Series APU
AMD A55E Controller Hub
SATA Data connector and power connector
VGA Video output
Dual USB host stacked connector
Dual USB host pin header connector
Audio input/output
Power connector
SmartProbe connector
High Speed special features card edge connector
Low Speed special features card edge connector
User interface buttons
User interface LED indicators
4in. x 4in. (10.16cm x 10.16cm) form factor


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