Gizmo 2, 4x4, AMD G-Series SoC Development Board

Gizmo 2, 4x4, AMD G-Series SoC Development Board
Gizmo 2, 4x4, AMD G-Series SoC Development Board
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The GizmoSphere Gizmo 2 development board is a new generation open-source platform is now available from GizmoSphere for embedded innovators and DIY enthusiasts to create more cool things than ever.

Gizmo 2 is a compact, 4-inch by 4-inch, low-cost x86-based board that puts the power of a supercomputer with the I/O capabilities of a microcontroller in the palm of your hand. 
Kit Contents:
  • Gizmo 2 board
  • 12V, 2A universal power supply
  • International plug adapter
  • uSD
  • Coin cell

The Gizmo 2 board includes the dual-core AMD Embedded GX-210HA SoC, which combines a CPU on a single die with AMD Radeon™ HD 8210E discrete-class graphics, providing 85 GFLOPS performance, while drawing only 9 watts TDP and did passively cooled for fanless designs?
  • HDMI
  • GPIO
  • PWM
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • USB
  • SATA
  • PCIe
  • mSATA
  • microSD card slot
Gizmo 2 comes with a microSD card preloaded with TimeSys Embedded Linux. In addition to this, it supports a variety of operating systems including – Minoca, Linux®, RTOS and Windows® Embedded 7 and 8, as well as Qt, a cross-platform framework used to create devices with stunning UIs and powerful native applications.
Supported graphics application programming interfaces (APIs) and frameworks, include DirectX® 11.1, OpenGL 4.2x and OpenCL™ 1.2.
Gizmo 2 example applications:
  • Robotics systems
  • Media servers 
  • Point-of-sale systems 
  • Gaming machines 
  • Home automation 
  • Information kiosks 
  • Jukebox 
  • IP-TV Thin clients 
  • x86 set-top boxes
  • Digital signage 
  • Embedded development
  • PC replacement
  • Microcontroller applications
  • SMB storage
  • Parallel processing
  • Bitcoin mining rig (as mentioned on HBO's Silicon Valley)
  • Multicore engineering
  • Internet of Things (IoT) solutions 

With the versatility of Gizmo 2, connectivity and high performance – powered by open development tools such as OpenCL – designers of all levels of expertise are equipped to invent parallel processing-driven systems that break the speed limits of earlier generation designs.

For commercial, industrial or business environment only.

“The Future Belongs To Those Who Build It” - GizmoSphere

"This time it's the open-source Gizmo 2 from Gizmosphere, an integrated G-series dual-core AMD x86-powered DIY board that measures a teeny four-inches square. It's interesting to see the £150 ($199) Gizmo 2 being used in the NVA—this is not a board with a following anywhere near the likes of the £16 ($25) Raspberry Pi. But it is a far more powerful by comparison, sporting 85 GFLOPS of performance, and support for APIs like DirectX 11.1, and OpenGL 4.2. That graphics power was the real incentive for using the Gizmo 2, according to Simons, and it powers nearly every one of the homemade exhibits inside the NVA."

- Mark Walton (Originally posted on



PROCESSOR/PERFORMANCE - AMD Embedded G-Series SoC - GX210HA - 1GHz Dual-Core
BOARD SIZE - 4x 4 form factor
USB - 8 total with 4 onboard, 2 USB 2.0 / additional USB 2.0 header, 2 USB 3.0 others can be brought out
AUDIO - HD audio in/out
ETHERNET - RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port
HDMI/DISPLAYPORT/LVDS - HDMI video/audio output
SD - microSD card slot
PCIE - 4x1 links of PCIe Gen2 for GPP and 1x4 links of PCIe for GPU
SATA - 2x Gen3 - mSATA/mini
PCIe connector
EMBEDDED IO - USB, GPIO, SPI programming port on board 12C, UART, DAC, ADC
TOOLS - JTAG header
OPERATING SYSTEMS - TimeSys Embedded Linux and Qt UI loaded on uSD and Linux, Minoca, RTOS, Windows Embedded 7 and 8
KIT CONTENTS - Gizmo 2 board 12V, 2A universal power supply, international plug adapter, uSD and coin cell


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