freeSoC is a revolutionary microcontroller development platform, based around the Cypress PSoC 5LP microcontroller. freeSoC combines the power of an FPGA, the flexibility of a microcontroller, and the convenience of onboard precision analog hardware, enabling you to realize your dreams without spending a fortune and buying a bunch of extra parts.

freeSoC is fully open hardware. Check out our board layout and schematics on github, released under a CC-BY-SA license. No need to start from scratch when creating your own design!

You can get more information and join forums here.

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freeSoC Development Kit
freeSoC is a microcontroller development platform without compromise. Imagine having the powe..
freeSoC Mini Development Kit
All the power of freeSoC, in a 40-pin DIP form factor. Imagine having the power of an FPGA, t..
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