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Smart Host for Smart Duino

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Smart Host Power Plus
smARtHOST POWER PLUS is an alternative to the smARtHOST POWER and, with only 15% more space used,..
रo1,200.00 रo360.00
Smart HOST LCD 16X2
This allows you to add a plug-n-play display solution to your project. The smARtHOST LCD 16x2 is ..
रo1,200.00 रo360.00
Smart HOST LCD 16X2 Pro
This is a different solution, also intended to be mainly used for the creation of finished produc..
रo1,500.00 रo450.00
Smart Host Memory
Allows to use a microSD card as storage for all the data collected or generated by the device. Th..
रo1,200.00 रo360.00