Smart Made and its revolutionary Smart-Bus technology makes creating Arduino based projects a snap.

The plug and play modules give you more time to concentrate on your core Programming without having to waste time on wiring and connections etc..

Also, the fact that using the Smart Made, you can connect to the following devices makes it a really smart choice.

Connect / interconnect with:

Arduino shields using the Arduino shield adapter

Digispark shields using the DigiShield Smart-Bus adapter

TinyDuino shields using the Smart-Bus TinyDuino adapter

freeSoC board as a core using the freeSoC smart-Bus adapter

ElectricImp using the Smart-Host Impee


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Smart Bus AB
Smart BUS Open I/O BASIC replicator is ideal for height extension of the bus as well as protectio..
रo125.00 रo38.00
Smart Bus CD
Smart BUS Open I/O FULL replicator is only for the data connectors C and D, ideal for height exte..
रo125.00 रo38.00
Smart Bus FULL
Smart BUS  Open I/O FULL replicator ideal for height extension of the bus as well as protect..
रo250.00 रo75.00
Smart Bus Double
Smart BUS  Open I/O BASIC extension, offer two sets of smARtBUS BASIC connectors on a board ..
रo165.00 रo50.00
Smart Bus MIRROR
Smart BUS  Open I/O BASIC extension, offer two sets of SmartBus BASIC connectors mirror..
रo200.00 रo60.00
Smart Bus QUAD
Smart BUS  Open I/O BASIC replication base that offers two sets of Smart Bus FULL ..
रo400.00 रo120.00
Smart Bus QUAD Power
Smart BUS  Open I/O BASIC replication base that offers two sets of Smart Bus FULL ..
रo1,547.00 रo464.00
Smart CORE U
The Smart CORE U is a CPU module based on the IC Atmel ATMega328P. 100% compatible with Ardu..
रo2,300.00 रo690.00
Smart CORE Z
CPU module based on Atmel ATMega328P without USB interface and power converter - 100% compatible ..
रo1,200.00 रo360.00
Smart CORE L
Smart CORE L is a CPU module compatible with Arduino Leonardo  and based on the sm..
Smart Host Power Plus
smARtHOST POWER PLUS is an alternative to the smARtHOST POWER and, with only 15% more space used,..
रo1,200.00 रo360.00
Smart HOST LCD 16X2
This allows you to add a plug-n-play display solution to your project. The smARtHOST LCD 16x2 is ..
रo1,200.00 रo360.00
Smart HOST LCD 16X2 Pro
This is a different solution, also intended to be mainly used for the creation of finished produc..
रo1,500.00 रo450.00
Smart Host Memory
Allows to use a microSD card as storage for all the data collected or generated by the device. Th..
रo1,200.00 रo360.00
SmartMod LED
Offers 5 red LEDs connected on 5 digital outputs. ..
रo125.00 रo38.00
SmartMod Button
SmartMod Button available in different configurations. Refer to specification for more informatio..
रo125.00 रo38.00