Many people who write programs that run on a PC find it difficult to get started on coding for a microcontroller, mainly due to two reasons:
(1) Programming a uC require some knowledge about the target hardware. 
(2) Transferring the program to the target device generally require some special hardware and software.
There are plenty of micro-controller development kits in the market, but most of them focus on the usage of their kit rather than the details of the the micro-controller. Programming the I/O pins of a development board using the library functions provided may be acceptable to get something done quickly, but our method is to directly deal with the the micro-controller, without hiding the uC details from the user.
MicroHOPE hardware is based on the Atmel Atmega32 micro-controller and the USB to Serial IC mcp2200. A simple GUI is provided to Edit, Compile and upload the program. The approach is to start by programming the Input/Output ports of Atmega32, which require some basic knowledge of binary number system, C language with its bit manipulation operators. The peripherals like ADC, Timer/Counter etc. are handled using a software library, in the form of C source files, that can be included in your program. As you learn how to write code peripherals, using their control/data registers, stop using these readymade functions.
Since microHOPE comes with a bootloader pre-installed inside the program memory of Atmega32, you can upload code using the USB interface with a single click, from the GUI provided.
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MicroHOPE - A Micro-controller Development Kit
MicroHOPE - A micro-controller development kit based on Atmel ATmega32. MicroHOPE supports co..
रo 750.00
USBASP Programmer for MicroHOPE
This is an open sourced ISP (In-System Programming) programmer available from http://www..
LCD Display Board 16x1 for MicroHOPE
For some applications, it is necessary to have a local display. The HD44780 controller, or co..
रo 225.00
Motor Control Board for MicroHOPE
The motor control board consists of 2 H-bridges (IC L293D). Board can be powered from outside..
रo 120.00
Digital Output Board for MicroHOPE
This board has 8 LEDS with series resistors. It can be plugged into any of the four ports, th..
रo 60.00