An Inexpensive, Arduino and Amicus18 Compatible, Direct To USB Development Board.

The PICnDuino is an Open Source dual microcontroller development platform built into a tiny direct to USB device. It is compatible with both Arduino and Amicus18 which have an already established fan base giving you instant access to hundreds of tutorials, code examples, project designs and support forums. For the more adventurous users, you can even use the PICnDuino with loads of other programming languages (including Swordfish Basic).

You can configure the PICnDuino with various headers to plug straight into a breadboard or perhaps have no headers at all to solder into an embedded device.

The PICnDuino provides a fantastic opportunity to learn two programming languages in one device (Arduino which is C and Amicus18 which is Basic). The PICnDuino doesn't require any special programmer or extra hardware to work. You just plug it in to USB and start coding. The software is free to download and since the PICnDuino has four user programmable LED's onboard - you can can get started straight away with the LED Blink and Fader examples. Perfect for beginners!

Main Features:

  • Direct to USB interface - no special programmer or power supply required
  • Atmega 328P microcontroller (compatible with Arduino)
  • PIC18F25K20 microcontroller (compatible with Amicus18)
  • Seven onboard LED's (four of which can be directly controlled with the microcontrollers)
  • Two reset buttons (one for each microcontroller)
  • Microcontroller select switch (both microcontrollers run simultaneously, however this switch selects which one has access to the USB port. You can even select between them on the fly without powering down, unplugging or resetting the PICnDuino).
  • A combined total of 44 I/O pins providing standard digital pins, analog, SPI, I2C, PWM, Interrupts and USART.
  • A combined total of 64KB of program memory (some memory space is taken up by the Arduino and Amicus18 bootloaders)

Both microcontrollers run at the same time - you don't need to turn one off to use the other. Infact, you can be programming one while the other is still happily running it's code. 

The PICnDuino features 44 Input/Output pins which is alot for such a small device. This allows you to interface to a wide range of devices including LED's, LCD screens, buttons, switches, SD cards, GPS and Bluetooth modules, speakers, buzzers, accelerometers and much, much more. You also have access to multiple SPI, Analog, I2C, PWM, external interrupts and USART ports.

To put it simply - The PICnDuino is perfect for all levels of microcontroller programmers. Providing two microcontrollers in one low-cost and easy to use unit, the PICnDuino is not only easy to use - it is also powerful enough to drive even the most demanding of projects.

The PICnDuino can perform a huge range of tasks, from the most basic LED blinker, to recording GPS co-ordinates to an SD card or perhaps even making your own home video game system. The PICnDuino has many inbuilt features often only found in more expensive devices, but for a fraction of the price.

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The PICnDuino is a two-in-one, Inexpensive, Arduino and Amicus18 Compatible, Direct To USB Develo..
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