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Lego Mindstorm Acceleration / Tilt Sensor for NXT / EV3
Now you can make robots that know which way is up! The Accelerometer / Tilt Sensor measures a..
रo 7,550.00
Lego Mindstorms Gyro Sensor for NXT / EV3
Measure the additional dimension of rotation with the NXT Gyro Sensor. This sensor that lets you ..
रo 7,550.00
Lego Mindstorms Infrared Link Sensor for NXT / EV3
Control LEGO R/C trains and other motorized LEGO sets with the HiTechnic IRLink Sensor for the Mi..
रo 7,550.00
Lego Mindstorms Magnetic Compass Sensor for NXT / EV3
Expand your NXT experiences with the new NXT Compass Sensor and add accurate navigation to yo..
रo 7,550.00
Lego Mindstorms Infrared Seeker for NXT / EV3
Play robot soccer and zero in on your infrared (IR) beacons with IRSeeker. You can use most TV re..
रo 6,985.00
Lego Mindstorms Color Sensor for NXT / EV3
Add a spectrum of color to your models with the new and updated Color Sensor. Detect an extended ..
रo 7,550.00